Helping District 31 Improve Our Community Schools!

Current Board 2019-2020

Board Leadership:

Darrin Stern – President
Michael Valentinas – Past -President
Open - Vice President
Foster Elliott – Treasurer
Open – VP Events
Kimberly Alexopoulos – VP Public Affairs
Danielle Stern – Secretary

Terms: Board members get voted in and their terms run until they request to be voted out.  Executive team terms are 2 years.


Dr. Erin Murphy (Superintendent, D31)
Cathy Lauria (Director of Business Services, D31)
Shaton Wolverton (Principal, Winkelman Elementary School 
Heather Bordley (Winkelman Elementary School Teacher)
Dr. April Miller (Principal, Field Middle School)

Volunteer Members:

Danielle Stern
Galina Karpel
Gennifer Plasky
George Katris
Julie Soriano
Kim Steres
Kimberly Alexopoulos
Lana Razumov
Laura Greenberg
Nathan Meigs
Pamela Marlantis
Pauline Mintz
Pete Glowacki
Seong Choi
Stacy Mikuzis
Stacy Sims
Tami Hammersley
Valerie Hajkaluk
Claudia Welke